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About Denis Ryan Photography 

Growing up in Ireland, Denis Ryan was surrounded by the nature and wildlife of rural county Tipperary. When he wasn’t outside exploring, he was indoors, eyes glued to Sir David Attenborough documentaries. A 2008 trip to Argentina opened his eyes to the wider world. He followed that with year-long trip across the continent of Africa, from Cairo to Cape Town. An engineer by profession, he gradually developed his passion for photography. After the long dusty bus rides, mornings tracking mountain gorillas, and Savannah safaris in East and Southern Africa his thirst for adventure only got stronger. He has a keen interest in world cultures and a love of vast landscapes and wild animals of all kinds. Most recently he has explored the remote areas of Alaska to photograph brown bears and sea birds, ferried around the Galapagos Islands for its extraordinary wildlife, and sailed to South Georgia and Antarctica to capture its magnificent landscapes. Through photography, Denis aims to capture wild animal behavior in its natural habitat as well as celebrate the diversity of human cultures.

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